Customs clearance of import and export with complicated customs processes  - organise your customs routines, save time, money and worries.

Custom clearance

Let us help you with your custom clearance

ColliCare har fortolling som et eget fagområde, med et dedikert team og høy fagkompetanse som holder seg orientert på et reglement i stadig endring. Vi gjør fortolling for flere av Norges største aktører innen import- og eksport og har opparbeidet lang erfaring med komplekse og sammensatte fortollingsbehov.


We have a dedicated, highly skilled team who is updated on all rules and regulations at all times. We perform customs clearance of shipments for several of the biggest importers and exporters in Norway. We are well experienced within complex customs issues and needs

Our strength within customs;

  • expertise at expert level
  • excellent technical customs systems, supporting integrations
  • set routines, securing high quality and control
  • transparent systems, giving overview and predictability
  • easy to access reports and statistics

Talk to us about customs, we can offer;

  • review and mapping of your customs needs
  • automated integrations with your IT- solutions, making customs easier and more efficient
  • customs clearance of all your shipments, by road, sea, air and rail
  • statistics from Emmadoc - our customs system, fully transparent and full visibility
  • dedicated contact persons with long seniority and high competence
  • extensive experience with large customers and their complex needs
  • guidance and training of your staff and their competence
  • personal contact, directly, informal – the best service.




Customs agent in-house  

We can be your in-house customs agent. It may prove practical to gather all your customs assignments with one partner. We will provide you with efficient processing of all customs clearances, combined with total control and overview.