Ga terug A white container is loaded from a train wagon on to a truck trailer by a forklift.

Netherlands & Turkey by Rail freight

Do you need to import or export between Turkey and the Netherlands? Then you should know that a multimodal set-up with rail freight might be a good and even greener solution for your logistic.

We are expanding both lines and routes between countries as well as going greener using rail as main freight method.

Flexible solution and a greener alternative for transporting goods. Rail freight is cheap, smart, and environmentally friendly. 

Rotterdam - Istanbul - rail freight



Rail freight advantages

  • predictable transit times up to 7 days

  • less expensive than road

  • faster alternative

  • both part and full loads

  • short transit time

  • flexible deliveries from the terminal

  • environmentally friendly. Estimates show an 82% decrease in energy consumption and a 94% decrease in CO² pollution, compared to road


Freight between Turkey and Netherlands?

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