The Nordics can be a complex geographical region for logistical services. While the export to the Nordic countries is significant, this logistics flow comes with challenges of the ever-changing weather conditions, steep mountain passes and long distances. Hence, delivering goods in the Nordics can be hard. That is why you should trust a logistical service provider that has a proven track record in the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

If you need logistics services with high delivery precision, frequent delivery schedules, customs clearance (for Norway) and safe deliveries, ColliCare Logistics is the experienced local partner that can take care of your Nordic distribution. 

Our Nordic Distribution services are suitable for B2C and B2B groupage shipments to the Nordic region, consisting out of the countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and hence incorporates Scandinavia. For Norway, we offer additional customs clearance services both on the European side as on the Norwegian side handled by our local compliance experts.

Linehaul solutions to our Nordic Distribution Hubs

From the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, managing your logistics flow towards the Nordics can be challenging. We have daily linehaul departures towards our own distribution centers in Norway, Sweden and Finland via road and sea. Through the optimalisation of the departures of our linehauls and domestic trucks, we are able to offer short transit times for various kinds of groupage shipments.

Our Nordic Distribution Hubs in Norway are located in Kløfta, Porsgrunn, Rudshøgda, Trondheim and Stavanger. In Sweden, our hubs are located in Gothenburg and Östersund. The Danish hubs are located in Taastrup (Greater Copenhagen) and Fredericia. For Finland, all shipments are distributed through our hub in Helsinki. 

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Storseisundet Bridge


Local experts for the last mile

Our local experts take care of the last mile delivery of your shipments. This means that we can limit that you and your customers are facing unexpected surprises with deliveries of the shipments through extreme weather conditions, driving bans and public holidays. Moreover, they can plan the best routes considering potential traffic disruptions because your shipment is a home game for them.


Curious how we can help your company with Nordic Distribution?

Our team of experts is ready to take on your logistical challenges. Give us a call or drop us a message and we're glad to discuss your challenges and wishes to smoothen your Nordic supply chain.

Roelf Goos

Roelf Goos

Commercial Director Netherlands & Germany