A web-based WMS system, warehouse management system,  gives a good overview of your stock listings across all locations.


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Our WMS warehouse management system is both user friendly and gives a great overview. You can place orders, check stock listings, and quickly get a full overview of your products. Since the WMS is integrated with our operating systems (ERP), it lets you have further control of your goods flow.

Advantages of Warehouse management system:

  • real-time stock listings
  • stock listings across locations
  • ensures smooth flow of goods
  • control and overview


WMS gives you a real-time view of:

  • Multiple warehouse locations, customers, countries and different languages in one system
  • Tracking of all types of transactions; receipts, internal transfers, inventory adjustments and more
  • Article balance - detailed search at article level, create new articles, edit or delete existing articles
  • Customer register: search for specific customers, create new customers, edit or delete existing customers
  • Order status can be easily created, edited or deleted
  • Check orders vs. article deliveries
  • Labelling, scanning, shipping lists and CRM documents
  • Reports, e.g. with information of units sold to clients/customers

Our WMS also includes a module for planning and organising warehouse operations.

Frits Potze

Frits Potze

Managing Director Netherlands

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