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5 months in, how is the Brexit?

The new trading deal between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) became effective at the beginning of the year. The Brexit transition has been everything but smooth for the logistics industry. Loads of new paperwork, including the Kent Access Permit, and customs clearance are leading to disturbances in the logistics between the UK and the EU.

Through this new trading deal, companies that barely had any interaction with customs before are facing huge amounts of paperwork to keep their businesses running. The increased amount of paperwork leads to many issues for the border trade between the UK and the EU. This included delays due to long waiting lines for the ferries, rejected paperwork and many more border issues.

Uneek Clothing is one of the companies that was impacted by the increased amount of administrational work from the new Brexit trading deal. The company sells various types of high-quality clothing like polos, hoodies, sportswear and workwear in Europe. This international clothing wholesaler has its European warehouse based in the area of Cardiff, Wales, and has local distribution centres in both the Netherlands and Germany.

Since February 2021, Uneek Clothing is using our services for the transportation of clothing to the Netherlands via road. ColliCare takes care of their logistical flow from their European warehouse to their distribution centre in the Netherlands and handles customs on behalf of Uneek both in the United Kingdom and in the Netherlands.

Due to the sudden change of the export regulation between the UK and EU, we faced a major challenge to smoothen our supply chain. In this, we found a solid partner in ColliCare who took care of our challenge and stabilized our supply chain. In addition to clear communication, ColliCare advised us extensively on how to act in the sudden and unclear regulations regarding the Brexit.

Hein Duursma, Managing Director of Uneek Clothing Europe

Is your company experiencing issues with logistics to and from the United Kingdom, or would you like some help? Our operations team is experienced in arranging logistics via road and sea during these turbulent Brexit times, and ColliCare is AEO certified to support your company with customs clearance.


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