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Our opening hours and transit times will be different during Easter 2023. Our Dutch offices and storage facilities are closed from 7th - 10th April.


Domestic distribution and warehousing in the Netherlands

Our offices and warehouses are closing at 17:00 on the 7th of April. We are available again on Tuesday 11th of April at 08:00 AM. Please plan accordingly, and book as early as possible to ensure timely deliveries. 

These times and dates apply to both the offices in Groningen and in Schiedam (Rotterdam).




Our European offices

  • The Finnish office will be closed from 7th -10th of April;

  • The Polish office is closed on Monday 10th of April;

  • The Danish office is closed 6th -10th of April;

  • The Swedish office is closed 7th - 10th of April;

  • The Lithuanian office is closed Monday 10th of April;

  • The Italian office closed Monday 10th of April;

  • The Norwegian office will be closed from 6th - 10th April.

Central and East-Europe

  • Not affected by Easter break