Sea Freight Operation Istanbul, Turkey

Sea Freight Operation

To be assigned in the Maritime Export/Import Operations Department

  • knowledge on Maritime/Container Export and Import Operation processes

  • planning the loading organizations in the required time by meeting with the relevant persons and organizations and transmitting the necessary information/documents to the relevant places

  • checking the documents of the related shipments and sharing them with the ship agent or customer, Organizing the Internal Transport, Following up the container returns

  • making the system entries, reservations and/or delivery orders of our company and ship agent of the related shipments,

  • preparation and follow-up of Documentation / Bill of Lading / Delivery Order,

  • follow-up of the operational process, documentation and procurement with foreign agencies,

  • ensuring customer satisfaction and providing complete and timely information,

  • coordinating with supplier and agencies, and to get the best service from them,

  • good ENGLISH knowledge,

  • at least 2 years of experience in Export and Import processes in the field of International Maritime / Container Transport

  • full-time work in the office

  • active driving


General Qualifications

  • bachelors Degree

  • at least two years of experience in maritime transport

  • proactive, hardworking, responsible, prone to teamwork, willing to learn, and open to self-development 

  • able to work flexible hours

  • PC knowledge (MS Office Programs, Word, Excel, PPT, etc.). Good English speaking and writing skill (speaking and writing skills required)

  • must have a driver's license and active driving skills


Yalcin Geceren

Yalcin Geceren

Managing Director Türkiye