Shipping to Italy via rail? Rail freight is a faster way of transporting your goods in a more environmental friendly manner, when compared with road freight. Italy's infrastructure is majorly dependent upon shipping goods by rail. At ColliCare Logistics we can help you with equivalents to full truckloads and partial loads to and from Italy by rail.

We can help you with

  • daily departures via rail between Italy and the Netherlands;

  • both terminal-to-terminal services as door-to-door services;

  • access to our distribution terminal in Modena (Northern Italy);

  • place your booking via website, e-mail, EDI or call us;

  • experienced customer service and KPI reports;

Full truck loads (FTL) to and from Italy

We can take care of your equivalent to a full truckload (FTL) from and to Italy via rail. Our experienced rail freight experts makes sure that your shipment keeps on track, and can deliver it from the terminal to it's final destination.

Partial loads (LTL) to and from Italy

Also equivalent to partial truck loads to/from Italy are possible at ColliCare Logistics. From loads from 2500 kg and up, both door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal options are available throughout the country.


Our additional services in Italy

  • flexible terminal deliveries;

  • temperature controlled wagons;

  • project cargo, bulk and break-bulk cargo;

Transit times between the Netherlands and Italy

The transit times depend upon the location within Italy. 

RegionNorthern ItalyCentral ItalySouthern Italy
Full truck (FTL)3 days4 days5 - 6 days
Less than a truck load (LTL)4 days5 days6 - 7 days
Groupage4 days5 days6 - 7 days

Rates for rail freight to and from Italy

Are you interested in shipping from and to Italy via rail? Request an offer at ColliCare Logistics for your goods. We are happy to help you with your shipments!

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