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Storage: Looking for strategic warehousing services?

Looking for a better warehouse management? We provide warehouse services, and strive to support you with a smart and flexible storage solution.

Third party logistics (3PL) and warehousing:
Warehousing and Storage costs vary with your needs and seasons.
You will meet our professionals that will assist you with order consolidation, "pick & pack" services, labelling, sampling, quality control, monitoring and  other value added logistics and services available at any time. Let us help you handle seasonal fluctuations – with no fixed costs. 


Storage facilities - Automated storage facilities

Packages, coils, pallets can be stored on shelves, racks and on the floor, according to your specifications. Automated storage, or vertical lift storage, is an effective storage solution for smaller items. Automated storage is cost-effective, faster and reduces picking errors. 

Logistics for eCommerce
We are strategicaly positioned close to the Northwest European market and can assist you as a solid logistics partner for your consignments!  E-commerce is driven by customer demand,  we can offer you  "same day delivery",  4-8-12-24-48-hrs delivery, track and trace, in-night services, express, value added services,  depending on your business.

Distribution Benelux – Europe

Situated in the Netherlands close to Benelux and gateway to Europe, we can assist you for the distribution of your products. 


Consolidated transshipments by cross docking

Organize logistics more efficiently to avoid costly intermediate storage. This is how do we do it; 
  • we receive shipments from your suppliers, with various flows of goods into our warehouses
  • we repack, consolidate, label and scan 
  • send a single shipment out, directly to your customer
Cost and time saving, simple and efficient for you - transparant and straightforward for your customer!

We take good care of your goods, we offer you:

  • Dedicated staff
  • Documented reception and quality control 
  • Scanning of all incoming goods
  • Registration of the goods in our WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  • Scanning of all outbound orders
Roelf Goos
Commercial Director Netherlands & Germany
+31 088 2009920
+31 06 5587 5853

Send us your e-mail address if you want to know more about this service.


Strategic warehousing?

+31 (0)88 - 2009900

The environment is important to us:

  • Waste is sorted according to recycling objectives
  • New fork lifts with environmentally friendly batteries
  • Warehouse facilities of high standards

For more information, see our pages about CSR.
Scandinavia Specialist
Scandinavia Specialist
We have built-up our compentence as well as our presence in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania and Norway. Together with our own distribution networks, we like to call ourselves thé Scandinavia Specialists
Logistics engineering
Logistics engineering
Our mission is to be your strategic partner and our aim is to create and maintain the best supply chain solutions