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Freight transport to Engeland

England, part of the United Kingdom (Great Britain) is no longer a member of the European Union or the Eurozone. The currency in the United Kingdom is the Pound (GBP).
Collicare Logistics takes care of your transport to England of full loads (FTL/FCL), part loads (LTL/LCL) and groupage, and also handles customs documents and customs clearance in England.

Collicare Services UK

  • Daily freight transport to England from all over Europe
  • Rail transport, air freight and road transport
  • Tracking of all shipments, packages and freight
  • Booking via EDI, e-mail, on the website or by telephone
  • Customs clearance in England

Part loads (LTL) to England

Collicare provides direct delivery of your LTL (less than truck load) loads in England with short transit times.
Special pick-up and delivery possible.


Groupage to England

Groupage transport to England is collected and delivered by local employees.


Transit times

  • Full loads (FTL): 1 -2 days
  • Part loads (LTL): 1 -3 days
  • Groupage: 1 tot 4 days
  • departure piece goods: daily
  • departure FTL/LTL: daily

Logistics services in England

  • Taillift truck delivery is possible
  • Speed transport and express freight
  • Help with custom clearance in the UK
  • Local distribution and delivery
  • ADR transport of dangerous goods to England
  • Project Cargo / Bulk / Break-bulk
transport to England

Traffic and toll in England

In England, maximum speeds of 112 and 96 km/h apply to trucks weighing more than 7.5 tonnes.
Vehicles heavier than 12 tonnes pay a toll of £ 1.70 to £ 10 per day.
For driving in central London between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. one pays a "congestion surcharge" of GBP 10 per day.

There are various ferry connections from Great Britain to France, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Transport of dangerous goods in England (ADR)

The transport of dangerous goods and class 1 objects is subject to specific requirements.
For class 1 ADR transport a second driver must be present, with some exceptions.


Transport of hazardous goods through the Eurotunnel

Drivers must report to the "Dangerous Goods Controller" in the "ADR Regulated Goods Control Point Building".
After checking, they can go through the Eurotunnel with a one-time vignette.

Substances of ADR class 4.2, class 4.3 and class 5.2 may NOT be transported through the Eurotunnel (Dover-Calais).


Holidays in England

There is no general driving ban in the United Kingdom on Sundays and public holidays.

Your transport to England can be influenced by the local holidays.

This is an overview of the holidays in England:
Januari 1 New Year's Day
April 19 Good Friday
April 12 and 13 Easter
May 1 May Day
May 4 Early Bank holiday
May 25 Bank holiday
August 31 Summer Bank holiday
December 25 and 26 Christmas