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Freight transport to Belgium

Belgium, with its capital Brussels, where the administrative center of the European Union and NATO resides, is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe.  For transport from and to Belgium you can rely on the experience of ColliCare. We arrange transportation of complete loads (FTL/FCL), part loads (LTL/LCL) and groupage on Belgium.

Groupage 0-2500kg 

Shipments in our groupage network in Belgium are collected and delivered by local employees.

Part loads (LTL/LCL) +2500kg

Direct delivery or via a terminal. Special pick-up and delivery.


Transport services

  • Daily transport to Belgium from all over Europe
  • rail freight, sea freight and road transport to Belgium
  • Online tracking of all freight and packages
  • Booking via our website, by e-mail, telephone or EDI
  • Customs clearance and handling customs matters in Belgium
  • Professional customer service
  • Extensive quality reports

Additional services

  • Fix time or place delivery
  • delivery with tail-lift
  • trailer, guided and unaccompanied / shortsea container
  • express shipments and express transport to Belgium
  • assistance with customs clearance if need be
  • local distribution and delivery of freight
  • Project Cargo / Bulk /Break-bulk


Transit times

  • Full loads (FTL): 1-2 days, depending on destination
  • Part loads (LTL): 1-3 days, depending on destination
  • Groupage: 1-4 days, depending on destination
  • departure days groupage & partloads : daily
  • departure days LTL/FTL: daily

transport Belgium

Freight transport and the environment in Belgium

In Belgium it is mandatory to have a 60 km sticker visible on the back of a truck.

An environmental zone (Low Emission Zone (LEZ)) was established in the Brussels-Capital Region in 2018. A paid day pass must be purchased for some vehicles.
Exceptions aside, it is no longer possible to drive into the center of Ghent with motorized vehicles, unless a permit has been obtained for this.

With effect from 1 February 2017, an environmental zoning is in force in Antwerp.
Trucks with EURO standard I, II and III can now only enter Antwerp's city center under certain conditions.
For more information see https://www.slimnaarantwerpen.be/nl/meer/slimme-kaart

Trucks with EURO standard III without a particulate filter can enter downtown all year round, but have to buy a ticket for € 30 per day per day.

Regulation and enforcement in Belgium

Immediate collection applies to violations in Belgium, payment must be made immediately.
The vehicle is seized in the event of an unpaid fine. Fines are not tender: € 250 for damaged tachograph discs, € 1000 for transhipment of less than 5%.
In Belgium, shippers, clients, and intermediaries who use Belgian freight carriers are both liable in the event of a violation.


Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)

Collicare provides the logistics for your ADR class transport in Belgium, except class 1, 6.2 and 7.


Holidays in Belgium

There is no general driving ban on Sundays and public holidays.
Your transport in Belgium can be influenced by the holidays.
This is an overview of the holidays in Belgium:
1 januari  ​New Year's Day
12 en 13 april Easter
1 mei Labor day
21 mei Ascension Day
31 mei en 1 juni Pentecost
15 augustus Maria Ascension
1 november All Saints Day
11 november Armistice Day
25 december Christmas