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Delivery alternatives for e-commerce Norway

e-commerce is rapidly expanding, along with customers' expectations for reliable deliveries. Do you need alternative solutions for a reliable distribution? Maybe you think like us, that home deliveries are the future? 

ColliCare has strengthened its eCommerce department to meet the efficiency needs of e-commerce today and in the future. We offer several attractive distribution solutions, all with full online traceability.


Customer service

Ecommerce customers want their goods delivered quickly with a high level of service! When your customers need advice and guidance we offer you the services of our professional customer service team.

Home deliveries

We are proud to offer daytime home delivery (08:00-16:00) and evening home delivery (17:00-21:00) to most destinations around Norway.
We handle all types of goods - from screwdrivers and iPad covers to bulky, heavy items of furniture.

ColliCollect – picked up from the store

ColliCare delivers to one of the best in-store post office networks in Norway, offering more than 1400 delivery points.

Mail box delivery

Customers expect their goods to be delivered, even if they are not at home during working hours. Your smaller packages and envelopes will be delivered according to your choice of either your mail box or smart delivery box.


By using SMS and e-mail, we are able to give your customers/end consumers links and access to information concerning their shipment. The information is accessible across all digital platforms - desktop, iPad, mobile websites and not least our own APP. Customers can trace their packages, contact ColliCare, place specific requests and report damage directly.


Our goal is to make the quality of our deliveries visible, as well as offer customers the opportunity to give a "star rating" - improving our image - on all ColliCare deliveries. An immediate quality affirmation of the job we do.

If your customer needs to return goods, we accept the return note and organise the return.  We consolidate all returns, so that you only need to receive one shipment at the agreed time.

We would love to discuss and develop logistics solutions adapted to your needs and those of your online store!​

ColliCare is continuously developing its eCommerce services. We focus on home delivery precision, customer needs and efficient digital-dialogues with consumers to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. We will be happy to help your online store to satisfy your customers' needs and expectations!

Logistics for eCommerce
Roelf Goos
Commercial Director Netherlands & Germany
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