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Need help with customs clearance?

We know customs procedures! International trade is demanding and extensive customs and excise regulations do not make the exercise easier.

Customs’ processes to get an item in or out of the country can be time consuming.

The most common customs procedure is called “ordinary import or export“ and applies to purchases and sales of goods. Other types may for example be:

  • Temporary import or export
    Goods imported of exported for temporary use – repair, processing, etc.
  • Re-importation or re-exportation
    Goods re-imported or re-exported after temporary importation or exportation.


To ensure efficient customs clearance, we are linked to Dutch and Norwegian Customs’ electronic clearance systems, for the exchange of customs declarations. 

We handle customs clearance for you, so your company receives:

  • Quick and simple customs clearance
  • Electronic connection to TVINN and AGS
  • Experienced customs clearers, and no problems or surprises
  • eCare system with an overview of documentation which is useful for customs clearance
  • Automatic routine customs clearance
  • Better work capacity

Do you have goods that require special customs handling? We help you with clearance for:

  • Formal importations
  • Special importations
  • Simplification of temporary imports
  • Coordinated reversal of customs clearance
  • Export declarations

When, as an example, importing goods to the Netherlands you must declare the goods to Dutch Customs
As an importer you are required to report to the Dutch authorities all the goods you bring into the country. Here you can find more information about customs clearance of imports. Changed to a longer link, so it is better optimized for the blind - think it also gives a higher QS in search engines.

If you shall export goods from the Netherlands you must always declare the goods to Dutch Customs
As an exporter, you must perform a customs clearance/declaration. Here you can find more information about customs clearance of exports.

Do you need customs credit? 
Customs credit is a credit Dutch Customs grants to companies to simplify payment of duty and taxes. With customs credit you can postpone payment of duty on imports.
We recommend you use customs credit for quick and simple customs clearance of goods.

Do you need bonded warehouse services?
ColliCare has approved bonded warehouses in accordance with current regulations. There are strict requirements for bonded warehouses and what they can store without customs clearance. Storage periods also have given deadlines and conditions continually regulated by Dutch Customs.

Customs clearance documentation:
NB! As an importer or exporter you have a particular responsibility to submit accurate documentation.

Customs clearance for imported goods
Customs clearance of export goods
Customs clearance documentation
Cash settlement
Do you need Customs brokerage?
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Help with customs clearance? 

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