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Customs clearance for imported goods

When importing goods to the Netherlands you must declare the goods to Dutch Customs
As an importer you are required to report to the authorities the goods you bring into the country. The information you provide in the declaration is the basis for calculating duty and taxes.

Customs controls the declaration via a customs clearance. When the customs clearance is complete and you have paid duty and taxes, Customs releases your goods.

Here are three main areas of import duty:

  • Goods specified by nature
    Duties for Goods mostly depend on the value or nature and the calculation includes freight and insurance.
  • Temporary import
    Goods imported temporarily for later re-exportation
  • Re-importation to the Netherlands
    Goods that are reintroduced to Norway or any other non EU country, for example after repair


Restricted goods:
Goods such as alcohol, tobacco and medicines are not taxable. 


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