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Are you unsure how cash settlement for customs clearance takes place?

  1. ColliCare receives notification that an order is on the way and makes a consignment entry with:
    - seller and pick-up addresses
    - buyer and delivery addresses
    - what the parties shall be invoiced for transport costs

  2. The arrived goods is registered at the border, and we receive an accompanying document with which we electronically notify Customs that the goods have arrived in their country of destination
  3. To invoice and customs clear the consignment we must register an individual’s social security number, or a company’s organisation number
  4. If the goods are placed in a bonded warehouse this can incur storage, loading and unloading costs
  5. If the goods are delivered with customs clearance they cannot be opened, used or resold before they are cleared
  6. When we have invoiced and received payment, or received a bank receipt with the status «EXECUTED PAYMENT», we send the customs clearance to Customs
  7. Sometimes Customs conducts an inspection which delays the declaration, and they can also request additional documentation, but as soon as they are satisfied the goods are released for delivery and use

Who has responsibility for customs clearance?  
It is the importer's responsibility to ensure that goods are properly cleared through customs into the country, according to the Act on customs and movement of goods.

If it is unclear who the importer is, then the responsible party is the recipient.

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