Are you looking for warehousing within the European Union for reducing your increased supply chain costs? We can help you with your logistics from outside the EU into the EU, with frequent sailings of container shipments from various harbours in the United Kingdom and customs clearance on arrival in the Netherlands.

With warehouse solutions in the area of Rotterdam Harbour and in Groningen, we can ensure that your goods are distributed to your customers. This can be done by road freight, sea freight and rail freight. If you sell directly to B2C-customers, we can take care of your complete order fulfilment and ship the parcels to your customers.


Long-term, short-term or customized warehouse solutions, let us give you an offer

We aim to offer you smart and flexible storage services for your supply chain focused on the European market. Whether it is long term, short term or a tailored storage solution customized to your organizations needs.


The benefits of a European warehouse:

  • Reduce your shipping costs and ship immediately to the European market
  • Avoid double charged VAT within your supply chain and for your customers
  • Minimize the delays on your shipped goods


Suitable for eCommerce logistics

Are you operating, or planning to operate, an online shopping business towards the European market? Then we can assist your organization as a solid logistics partner for your European order fulfilment.  

Curious how we can help your organization?

Request a quote for our warehousing solutions obligations. Or give us a call, we're happy to answer your questions!