We can help you with groupage, part loads, full loads, trucking to and from Norway, and nationwide distribution in Norway. Via our direct routes or with our consolidation services at one of our strategically located facilities in Vestby, Skedsmokorset, Porsgrunn, Rudshøgda, Trondheim, Moss, Rolvsøy, Stavanger and Kristiansand.

The benefits of a Scandinavia Specialist

The export to Norway is continuously increasing. Therefore, the demand for transportation with high delivery precision, frequent delivery schedules, customs clearance and safe delivery is essential for your supply chain to Norway. We can help you with daily departures to and from Norway. Whether you require groupage, part truck loads (LTLLess than Truck Load
Less-than-truckload shipping is used to transport freight that doesn't require a full truckload trailer
) or full truckloads (FTLFull Truck Load
Truck fully loaded with goods
), with our fleet we can assure to get your freight to its destination.


What ColliCare Logistics offers:

  • daily departures to/from the rest of Europe;

  • distribution terminals centrally located in Norway;

  • online tracking of all shipments in Norway, also for packages;

  • booking is possible via website, e-mail, EDI or simply by giving us a call;

  • customs assistance for Norway and the European Economic Area;

  • professional customer service and quality reports.


Groupage to and from Norway

Shipments in our Norwegian groupage network are both collected and delivered by local employees. This is applicable for groupage loads up to 2500 kg.

Partial loads (LTL) to and from Norway

Direct delivery of less than truck a load (LTL) freight in Norway or via a terminal for your freight above 2500 kg. Special pick-up and delivery possible, as well as in-store delivery.


Full trucks (FTL) to and from Norway

We can take care of your full truckloads (FTL) from and to Norway. We can take care that your freight has a swift journey to your customer, and we offer plenty of additional services to ensure it meets the demands your freight may require.


Our services for Norway

  • tailgate truck delivery;

  • in-night delivery;

  • transportation of dangerous substances (ADRDangerous Goods by Road (ADR)
    Goods that can do harm to people or the environment

  • transport of high-value cargo (TAPA);

  • project cargo, bulk and break-bulk cargo.


Transport times to and from Norway

  • full loads (FTL): from 48 hours to 120 hours, daily departures;

  • partial loads (LTL): From 48 hours to 144 hours, daily departures;

  • groupage: From 48 hours to 144 hours, daily departures.

Rates for road freight from and to Norway

How much does transport via road from and to Norway cost? Request a quote at ColliCare Logistics without hesitation. We are happy to help you!

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Roelf Goos

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