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Winds of change

Published:  29. June 2020

Coronavirus in China affects transportation of goods

Published:  03. February 2020

ColliCare opens a new department in Stavanger

Published:  02. January 2020

Brexit development October 2019

Published:  23. October 2019

Have you tried sending goods by rail?

Published:  03. July 2019

Increased road toll in Norway

Published:  05. June 2019

The Norwegian office has moved!

Published:  04. June 2019

Brexit development

Published:  11. February 2019

The quickest delivery of goods from Europe and the Baltics goes by boat?

Published:  20. September 2018

The Netherlands celebrates King's day, the 27th of April is a national holiday

Published:  20. April 2018

Schedules for our rail services this Easter

Published:  14. March 2018

ColliCare – new logistics operator on the Finnish market

Published:  18. January 2018

Brand new warehouse ColliCare Netherlands

Published:  01. November 2017

ColliCare is setting up a new terminal and new offices in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Published:  11. October 2017

Heavy rain and flood disrupts traffic in southern Norway

Published:  02. October 2017

We have a new website for ColliCare in Italy

Published:  05. September 2017

ColliCare introducing a cost efficient, direct train from Italy

Published:  29. August 2017

ColliCare Logistics BV moves to Westpoort Groningen Business Park

Published:  16. June 2017

ColliCare takes it to the sky

Published:  21. April 2017

ColliCare Netherlands is expanding

Published:  08. February 2017

ColliCare is expanding to Turkey

Published:  08. February 2017

Read more about ColliCare in Lithuania!

Published:  15. June 2016

New General Manager in ColliCare Denmark

Published:  15. June 2016

New weighing regulation for containers

Published:  16. June 2016

New road toll in Belgium

Published:  29. June 2016

ColliCare expands in Germany

Published:  29. June 2016

ColliCare with a new department in Trondheim

Published:  29. June 2016

Successful ISO audit ColliCare Logistics

Published:  29. June 2016

ColliCare Logistics with presence in Lithuania!

Published:  29. June 2016