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When damage occurs

– claims for damages and errors

We are sorry if something went wrong along the way. The reasons may be many and complex, the blame may be ours, others or shared – regardless it is important that we bounce back and make the best out of the situation!

We want you to emerge from the situation as good as possible, so let us find a solution together.

Here is a little about the way we work when a situation has arisen:

What to do if an incident occurs:

How do we work?

Are there requirements for how to claim?

Who should make the claim?

The claim has been sent to ColliCare - what happens now?

Which deadlines apply?

​About claimed goods

When are missing goods considered lost?


Force majeure

What happens in cases of theft?

What it the recipients responsibility?

What is considered a hidden damage?

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Questions about claims?

Call us or send an email.
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